Child Support and Alimony

Child Support and Alimony

What are some things I need to know before arguing child support and alimony?

Family court can be very frustrating and when money comes into the picture people are sometimes confused by how child support or alimony can be calculated. First off, a Court Commissioner or Family Law Judge has the final authority to determine the amount of a child support order, so no on-line calculator or other tool can give you an exact amount. The Court Commissioner or Family Law Judge takes many factors into consideration when determining the amount one parent should pay. Some of the factors they will consider are:

  1. Number of children involved
  2. Time spent with parents
  3. Amount of money each parent makes
  4. Expenses by both parents
  5. Who pays for health insurance, or other needs

Child support can also be brought back into court when circumstances change, as in if a parent begins to earn more money or if they quit their job. Most courtrooms frown upon going back to court more than once a year but extreme changes can warrant going back to court at anytime. Alimony, on the other hand, can only be calculated once and cannot be brought back to court of the Court Commissioner or Family Law Judge finds that there is none owed or if one side gives up their rights to it. Always consult a lawyer when debating alimony and child support.

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