After Combat Report: 401K Split

After Combat Report: 401K Split

Attorney Scott Tibbedeaux helps clients with their family law problems. In this case, he successfully filed to split a 401K ebtween divorcing parties. 

Scott Tibbedeaux, senior partner at the law firm, successfully split a 401K for his divorcing clients earlier this month. The process, which can take upwards to four months depending on busy the courts are, requires minimal acting on the client’s part. First, a court order must be issued that states that either the 401K holder or both parties getting a divorce, wish to split the 401K. Once the order is issued, a QDRO [qualified domestic relations order] form must be filled out and sent to the courthouse for the judge to sign. This QDRO is a legal order subsequent to a divorce or legal separation that splits and changes ownership of a retirement plan to give the divorced spouse their share of the asset or pension plan. Once the judge signs it as a legal order, it is shipped off to the workplace where the 401K was formed. Once there it should only take a few weeks before the money, in the form of a check, arrives for the divorcing clients. 

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